Ooh, look it’s an about me page!

Hello, my name is Mark Kelly and to give you the short answer ‘about me’ - I’m a creator of Christian content and lover of most things tech! You’ll find links to my online world here: markkelly.bio.link

The slightly longer answer…

I am a writer, communicator, video content creator and technology enthusiast. I see online media and connected technologies as a vital mission field for the Church. Therefore, I desire to create online content that is done excellently and helps people connect with the Gospel message in an authentic, life-changing way and graciously present the case for Christianity to those who are curious.

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I like to write honest and authentic posts that tell tales of my life and the world I see around me, always looking to see what there is to learn and to hopefully pass these musings on in an entertaining but genuine way. So, from ants in my bathroom to serious commentary on world events and everything in between, I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery as I write not only as something to present to you but hopefully as a conversation starter and to see where we go from there.

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Mark Kelly
#Christian content creator and lover of most things tech! ✝️ ✍🏻 🎙👨‍💻 #DigitalMinistry